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Why Use a Professional Drafting Service for Your Patent and Industrial Design Drawings?

So you have just invented something awesome and now need to protect your intellectual property, securing a patent or registered design is the way to go.

One crucial part of your patent application or registered design is the drawings. These are extremely important, as they provide a visual representation of your invention.

While you may be tempted to produce the drawings yourself in order to cut costs, there are several advantages of choosing a professional drafting service. Some of these compelling benefits will be outlined below.

Patent drawing drafting service in Madrid

Patent Drawing Precision and Compliance with International Patent Offices

Professional patent illustrators are well-versed in the requirements and guidelines set out by the various global patent offices, e.g. European Patent Office (EPO), Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO), United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They make sure your drawings are accurate and compliant with the relevant requirements and reduce the risk of your application being rejected or delayed. Non-compliant drawings can lead to costly legal issues.

Basic drawing guidelines for the EPO, UK IPO and USPTO can be found below:
Download Patent Drawings Quick Guide pdf
Download Registered Design (Design Patent) Drawings Quick Guide pdf

Professional registered design drawings in Madrid

Visual Clarity of the Invention or Product

The drawings for your patent or registered design are the visual representation of your invention. The better the drawings, the easier it is to understand the invention or product being protected. Professional drafting services can provide clear, concise and visually appealing illustrations. This makes it easier for an examiner to understand your invention and to approve your application.

Brand Reputation and Competitive Edge with Professional Patent Drawings

Potential investors, partners or licensees are more likely to take your idea seriously if it is presented in a visually attractive and professional way. Unclear and messy drawings just aren’t good enough in the competitive world of IP innovation. Having well crafted drawings can also increase the visibility of your patent application in search engine results resulting in more attention from potential collaborators.

From precision and compliance to visual clarity and brand reputation, choosing a professional patent drawing drafting service is a strategic investment for your patent or registered design application.

If you are ready to protect your new product or invention and want to maximize your application's chance of success, or an IP law firm looking to streamline by outsourcing drawing work, contact us today to learn how our professional patent drawing service can help you.